How to add Product Tabs?

  1. Access the Product Tabs Section:
    • From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Products > Product Tabs.
  2. Add a New Tab:
    • Click on the Add New button at the top of the page or the section where you can add a new tab.
  3. Configure the Tab Content:
    • Title: Enter the title of the tab. This is what will be displayed on the product page.
    • Content: Use the text editor to add the content for the tab. You can use HTML and the visual editor to format the text as needed.
  4. Set Conditions:
    • Visibility: Choose whether to display the tab globally on all products or only on specific categories.
    • Inclusions: If you selected to show specific categories, use the inclusion field to search and select the categories or products where this tab should be displayed. Start typing the name of the category or product to find and select it.
  5. Select Icon (Optional):
    • If the option to select an icon is available, click on the Select Icon button to choose an icon that will be displayed alongside the tab title.
  6. Settings:
    • Priority: Set the priority for the tab. This determines the order in which the tab appears on the product page relative to other tabs. A lower number means a higher priority (it appears earlier).
  7. Publish the Tab:
    • Once all the information is filled out, click the Publish button to save and enable the tab on your selected products or categories.

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